Welcome to The Zoot Theatre Company's website. We are a non-profit production and design company that specializes in puppets and masks. "Why puppets," you may ask? Because we believe that they offer a direct line to an audience's soul. Some historians place puppets as predating actors by 2,000 years.

So, poke around a bit. Enjoy looking at our beautiful craftsman products in our SHOWS & WORKSHOPS tab. Commission a puppet for your production in WORK WITH US. Watch clips in CURIOSITIES or help support innovative Art by clicking on DONATE. Who knows, when you're done snooping perhaps you'll consider bringing in one of our traveling shows, or have us collaborate with you for your production/concert/event, or bring us in for a residency or workshop so that we can train the next generation of American puppeteers. Have fun and remember that #ArtIsPrimary,